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I made this ‘India Celebrating Life!’ poster today, because, i was too overwhelmed by how i see India today. Im not much into politics, and usually dont talk about it, but 30th Sept 2010, today was the day an age old dispute was settled, which had very sensitive religious sentiments attached to it. As a land of diverse  religious beliefs, people were fearing aggressive communal disputes, once the court would deliver a verdict favoring either party. I am glad to say nothing such happened. India still is calm, and the youth seems to be more secular than ever. I have been worried, and initially even disturbed as to why the youth seems so uninterested and put up lame status messages, and stay extremely casual? But giving a second thought to it, it could actually be a reason to rejoice. I should be glad to know people of this country are becoming unreceptive to religious discriminations.

And a reason to rejoice shouldn’t go without rejoicing!!  So here we go!  :D

This photo (below) was in the newspaper recently. I would give it an award for the message it is conveying if i could.
A Muslim lady with her kid dressed as Lord Krishna (Hindu God), on the eve of Janmashtmi. (Hindu festival)
My deepest regards to such religiously unbiased people.

‎..the more we are pulled apart, the more we resist, the more strong we prove ourselves. United by more than whatever it might take to break us apart, we will stand tall. Amen.


Went out with a few friends in the night, out on the road to explore the possibilities. Thought id go my own unusual way  ;)   i kinda liked the results (u just need to focus on what u feel like doing, without being bothered. But dont break any law okay! use ur brain as well! LOL! -Sound like another Flutterhead Rule)

Sparkling Wine!  ;)        Slow shutterspeed can lead to awesome results! my favorite  ..just dont get too dazzled or dizzy!  :P

Those were streetlights, trust me! n yes iv edited them too it wasn’t pink of course!

more experiment..  These were tiny wall hanging lights (yes, they were blue only!)  ;D

Its good to have a mind which is not too stiff, which is open  ..receptive ..which is open to possibilities changes in context. Maybe even thinking absolutely bonkers! or upside-down!

When ur done reading this, take 30 seconds of ur time for urself (nope, im not talking about time for social networking!) ..and in those 30 seconds, tell urself that the enviornment ur in ..can be more than u see. Open ur minds n see things differently. Make life more interesting. All the best.

Humor in design can boost the impact like nething! I, for one, am loving it.

This puma shoe i bought recently, came in a box full of humor content! As i went through it, i read things that r usual ..displayed in an unusual way ..on an unusual place. I remained engrossed, n was impressed by the design communication.

Iv scanned n uploaded a few..

1. This one was on the flap, showing where all could the shoe possibly be used! (read the points as u go through the scanned image)

  • Its an accessory! (First Graphic)
  • Its forms an impression!
  • Its a piece of art!!!  LOL!  (yea but still, true)
  • You should tell ur friends/gossip about it.  (Look at the irony now!! im posting stuff about it!! -design purpose solved!)
  • Lastly, Shop around for more stuff (yea, this one isnt funny ..but still is serving the purpose)

2. Then, this shoe will help u in the following ways!!!

  • It’ll help u get a medal!
  • Olive leaves ..suggesting peace (dunno why -guess thats a message too -a social one!  ..or u could b a greek mythological person or something! LOL!)
  • Play soccer!
  • Basketball!
  • Sprint!
  • Pool! (hey! wait a minute!? pool?!  HAHAHA! ok that made me laugh its still going good!)
  • Disco!
  • Dance!
  • Turntable DJ!-ing (anyone?)
  • more dancing!! serious stuff!
  • solitare?! (i mean nething?!)
  • Galaxian!! 32 bit game!!!  (LOL! ..ok its getting vaguer n funnier!  ..we’r talking about a shoe remember!!)
  • Drunken driving! (It might help u drive safe too!! ur call!   -strictly against this one!)
  • Haircutting! (What on earth!?)
  • Martial arts! (ok we’r probably talking of street fights awesome shoes! LOL!)
  • n Victory! (probably due to the awesome shoes!)

Phew!! it finally gat over! But brainless! n fun!  ..casual, relieving from day-to-day stress. I like this stuff.

3. Caution: The product (ie. shoe) is meant/not meant for the following:

  • It doesnt require batteries! (of course! its a shoe for Christ’s sake! requires U! LOL!)
  • Product may differ from image shown!! (damn funny!)
  • Dont swim with the shoes on! (u do that? were u even thinking?!)
  • “Sale of single shoes is not permissible. Shoes sold in pairs only.” (AAHAHAHAHAHA!! These guys should get an award!!)
  • Use it to: Escape!!  (got it Mr. Bond)

4. No comments. Read on  :D

5. A casual ‘take care’ message. Day-to-day locations shown to associate with u. A good brand-consumer relation suggesting.

6. About the box itself! What all can be done!

Hope u enjoyed  :)    Looking forward for more such designs  :)   Good job Puma team!

This is a scene on a street of Chennai. Its a busy road  ..and its his canvas..

This might open up our minds from one myth: Creativity does not necessarily require money or equipment. Creativity is pure freedom of thinking. It is about creating new perspectives, which still abides to context and are relevant.

I told him it looked beautiful. He smiled if that was all he wanted. n if thats true, he is wealthier than you n I.

Since this is a new blog ..i need to put an image on the top header. Why not developing one?

..maybe a self-portrait (my blog after all)  :P

It’s very important to understand the emotion linked to any project before u start designing. In this case, ‘flutter’ refers to the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, which symbolise agitation ..and further ‘flutter’ in the head, indicates brainstorming or idea induction (taken positively)  hence the name ..let’s see where this takes us..

…the outcome was uploaded as the header  :)

^ (2010)

Made a mood board for a casual theme that had to bring attention to how interesting farm life could be.

…ever wondered how a cow would look with shades? fUnKy!  ;D

And then with this ‘photograph’ (previous post)  .. getting inspired to create a can design.

Okay, this one was pretty tedious work. I tried some 15-17 times before i could get any close-to-good results. What initially might look like graphic, is actually a photograph taken by my Nikon D90 at a very low shutterspeed, when i drew shapes in air, with the help of a torch.

..n then editing it a little.  Love it now  :)

Brightness, Contrast, Hue are the only editing done to the photographs beside including typography. Happy shutterspeed controlling to u guys out there  :)

La Martiniere College, Lucknow

Apple in Apple!

Flying Splinters

City Lights

Effect easily achieved by off-focusing the lens of ur camera. Maybe manually. I was pretty jobless that day!  :P

Slow shutterspeed, patience and madness

PS. Im just learning. Learning by doing  ;)

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