Humor in design can boost the impact like nething! I, for one, am loving it.

This puma shoe i bought recently, came in a box full of humor content! As i went through it, i read things that r usual ..displayed in an unusual way ..on an unusual place. I remained engrossed, n was impressed by the design communication.

Iv scanned n uploaded a few..

1. This one was on the flap, showing where all could the shoe possibly be used! (read the points as u go through the scanned image)

  • Its an accessory! (First Graphic)
  • Its forms an impression!
  • Its a piece of art!!!  LOL!  (yea but still, true)
  • You should tell ur friends/gossip about it.  (Look at the irony now!! im posting stuff about it!! -design purpose solved!)
  • Lastly, Shop around for more stuff (yea, this one isnt funny ..but still is serving the purpose)

2. Then, this shoe will help u in the following ways!!!

  • It’ll help u get a medal!
  • Olive leaves ..suggesting peace (dunno why -guess thats a message too -a social one!  ..or u could b a greek mythological person or something! LOL!)
  • Play soccer!
  • Basketball!
  • Sprint!
  • Pool! (hey! wait a minute!? pool?!  HAHAHA! ok that made me laugh its still going good!)
  • Disco!
  • Dance!
  • Turntable DJ!-ing (anyone?)
  • more dancing!! serious stuff!
  • solitare?! (i mean nething?!)
  • Galaxian!! 32 bit game!!!  (LOL! ..ok its getting vaguer n funnier!  ..we’r talking about a shoe remember!!)
  • Drunken driving! (It might help u drive safe too!! ur call!   -strictly against this one!)
  • Haircutting! (What on earth!?)
  • Martial arts! (ok we’r probably talking of street fights awesome shoes! LOL!)
  • n Victory! (probably due to the awesome shoes!)

Phew!! it finally gat over! But brainless! n fun!  ..casual, relieving from day-to-day stress. I like this stuff.

3. Caution: The product (ie. shoe) is meant/not meant for the following:

  • It doesnt require batteries! (of course! its a shoe for Christ’s sake! requires U! LOL!)
  • Product may differ from image shown!! (damn funny!)
  • Dont swim with the shoes on! (u do that? were u even thinking?!)
  • “Sale of single shoes is not permissible. Shoes sold in pairs only.” (AAHAHAHAHAHA!! These guys should get an award!!)
  • Use it to: Escape!!  (got it Mr. Bond)

4. No comments. Read on  :D

5. A casual ‘take care’ message. Day-to-day locations shown to associate with u. A good brand-consumer relation suggesting.

6. About the box itself! What all can be done!

Hope u enjoyed  :)    Looking forward for more such designs  :)   Good job Puma team!