Went out with a few friends in the night, out on the road to explore the possibilities. Thought id go my own unusual way  ;)   i kinda liked the results (u just need to focus on what u feel like doing, without being bothered. But dont break any law okay! use ur brain as well! LOL! -Sound like another Flutterhead Rule)

Sparkling Wine!  ;)        Slow shutterspeed can lead to awesome results! my favorite  ..just dont get too dazzled or dizzy!  :P

Those were streetlights, trust me! n yes iv edited them too ..like it wasn’t pink of course!

more experiment..  These were tiny wall hanging lights (yes, they were blue only!)  ;D

Its good to have a mind which is not too stiff, which is open  ..receptive ..which is open to possibilities ..to changes in context. Maybe even thinking absolutely bonkers! or upside-down!

When ur done reading this, take 30 seconds of ur time for urself (nope, im not talking about time for social networking!) ..and in those 30 seconds, tell urself that the enviornment ur in ..can be more than u see. Open ur minds n see things differently. Make life more interesting. All the best.