I made this ‘India Celebrating Life!’ poster today, because, i was too overwhelmed by how i see India today. Im not much into politics, and usually dont talk about it, but 30th Sept 2010, today was the day an age old dispute was settled, which had very sensitive religious sentiments attached to it. As a land of diverse  religious beliefs, people were fearing aggressive communal disputes, once the court would deliver a verdict favoring either party. I am glad to say nothing such happened. India still is calm, and the youth seems to be more secular than ever. I have been worried, and initially even disturbed as to why the youth seems so uninterested and put up lame status messages, and stay extremely casual? But giving a second thought to it, it could actually be a reason to rejoice. I should be glad to know people of this country are becoming unreceptive to religious discriminations.

And a reason to rejoice shouldn’t go without rejoicing!!  So here we go!  :D

This photo (below) was in the newspaper recently. I would give it an award for the message it is conveying if i could.
A Muslim lady with her kid dressed as Lord Krishna (Hindu God), on the eve of Janmashtmi. (Hindu festival)
My deepest regards to such religiously unbiased people.

‎..the more we are pulled apart, the more we resist, the more strong we prove ourselves. United by more than whatever it might take to break us apart, we will stand tall. Amen.