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Not an entire-life-summary. But 2006-10 certainly was a time I lived. I am more happy and excited than can be explained by words. As i prepare to go to Delhi to meet them again, my hands are cold and numb as if blood has been withdrawn from them. I feel my heart beat louder and heavier than ever.. and as I close my eyes I can see flashbacks in a rather theatrical sorta way. And its not funny. It is going to take a great deal of effort to not bust into tears when I see them.

Moreover, my current flatmate has been playing songs that soo remind me of graduation 1st year. ‘Kya mujhe pyaar hai?’, ‘Feeling Blue’, ‘Tere Bin’, ‘Bheegi bheegi’ , ‘Hum kis gali?’ I get a faint smell of things from that time. I am feeling nostalgic. Big time. Missed you guys long enough. Looking forward to meeting you all.

I cant sleep   :’)


This is a cellphone photograph of the back window of a taxi, when I was in Kolkata. It had rained heavily, and the windows were all hazy with condensed vapor. We begun to draw from our fingers onto the windows starting from smilies to Jimi Hendrix!

Purportedly known as “Buster” to friends and family as a child, Jimi Hendrix was a shy and sensitive child who was deeply affected by the conditions of poverty and neglect he experienced during his youth. After purchasing his first guitar for a mere $5.00 from a friend of his father’s, he practiced incessantly, managed to fail music class in school, yet rose from the depths of despair to be one of the most influential musicians of all time.

After initial success in Europe, he achieved fame in the United States following his 1967 performance at the Monterey Pop Festival. Later, Hendrix headlined the iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival and the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.

Homage to one of the best guitar players of all times – Jimi Hendrix.

Thoughts to products: Was going through few of the badges i own, only to realize that most (if not all) of them were either Band badges, or some robo cartoon badges ..or general smileys, or sometimes the ones saying “Friends forever” n “ROCK!” or “PUNK!”    *sigh*  :/

I like badges. I want more variety. I dint exactly find much. Plus I also want ‘sensible’ ones. I’ll make it. Copyright reserved as usual. Who knows u may see them in stores soon  ;)

As of now, I just made what was currently on my mind -Environment, Typographic Smileys n Flutterheadism (yes, that one is not exactly the ‘sensible’ one! LOL!)

This is how City Center, Kolkata looked in 2006. I have a lot of good memories of this place. I n my friends used to spend a lot of time here. Subsequently, this was also a place i chose to sketch (which back then was my college assignment) and apparently took a snap of that assignment, which i recently discovered!  :)

Was anyway thinking of starting off with illustrations too on this blog. This could be a start  :)

(Yes, i have styled it a bit too now)

And a snap from similar angle..

Was thinking about it ..and found it ..over the internet. The hard truth: Most of the things that we start doing, thinking that its absolutely innovative/new or exclusive, has already been done in our age.  *sigh*

Well, i do not know the source (Previously seen on but this amazing graphic painted on an office wall says a lot about Understanding a Designer and Designs. Impressive. Precise. i Like  :)

‘Linocut’ is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum, sometimes mounted on a wooden block, is used for the relief surface. A design is cut into the linoleum surface with a lino cutting tool -a sharp knife, or a V-shaped chisel, with the raised (uncarved) areas representing a reversal (mirror image) of the parts to show printed. The linoleum sheet is inked with a roller, or is dabbed in the ink/color, and then impressed onto paper or fabric.**

okay, here’s the deal: You get this ‘linoleum board’ (often referred to as ‘lino sheet’) in craft stores. Its got this soapy material that can be scrapped by the help of basic lino cutting tools. Its a fast way to make stamps  ;)

Make ur chosen art work (design) onto the lino sheet directly by a pencil. (Just remember to make it laterally inverted* because it is to be stamped onto a fabric/paper, which will invert it straight again then)

Chisel the desired part of the art work out. Note: The part that is left is the part that gets printed. So you have a choice of printing the negative space or the positive space.

Dab it over ink/colour (any dye sloution/pigment or basic fabric paint mixed with binder if necessary) or use a roller. Press it over the fabric/paper. Carefully remove. Leave to dry. Dont mess it up with ur clothes!  :D

If its fabric paint you’ve used, iron it from the opposite side of the fabric to make it permanent.

Have fun  :)

*Left becomes right, Right becomes left; Flipped from Vertical axis. See 1st pic for reference.

**Reference: Wikipedia (

Saturday, 10th July, 2010 (Chennai)

I was coming back from office when i looked at the sky to find this amazingly dramatic scene..  My college roommate once told me that he asked his mother, what exactly can be called ‘beautiful’? To which his mother replied, “Something that you once see, and you want to see again, ..a little more, ..a little longer”

..My eyes still stuck to the sky, I asked my colleague to stop the bike, took a lot of will to take a moment off to take out my camera, and take a snap. And then i continued to gaze at it ..till it was gone.

I now understand what she meant. I bow to her wisdom.   *content*

This was a plain almirah, n i was idol       ..not for long!  ;)

Almirah! -Check!

Bathroom door! -Check!

What next?!   *looking around*  :D

This shoot was done right after my college jury as i knew that my product might not last for long  ;)  reason: it being a bean bag, and a bean cube  :)

(now u don’t expect us to be all mature n all in college 3rd year do u!)

Not that it wasn’t strong, but its certainly wasn’t meant to be jumped on from top of tables or for stunt performances! which my dearest friends did!  ..n the bean bag rests in peace now. But we had some fun time fighting over the bean-bag!  (Will cherish that time)

Moral: The new CAUTION tag should read: “Keep away from Sharp objects; AND FROM EARTHQUAKE-CAUSING-COLLEGE-GOING-FRIENDS!”  LOL!

Fun was important; bean-bag can b made again big deal.  ;)

Bugle is a brass wind instrument somewhat shorter than a trumpet and sometimes lacking keys. It was used as a military signal/alarm in earlier days; basic use: to make noise to drive attention. Which explains the name ‘Bugle’ -of a graphic committee whose logo designing was taken up as a project. Enjoyed making it..

..those were the basic design developments (which actually went through some research work as well -but thats not so interesting)  :D

Anyway, this is what the final logo looked like:

(yes, i was supposed to make it casual only)     ;D

The point here is that designing can be fun. I’m not denying the fact that professional designing requires skill, research and even science to it. But u may as do the day-to-day basic designing at least ..that isn’t so hard neither  :D

(though logo making isn’t basic, but inspiration can flow in from anywhere u never know. Keep looking  :)

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