When was the last time you rejoiced on the small but wonderful things around us? Remember when we were kids and would look up in the sky for every airplane-like-noise, and the elders would tell us stuff like “haven’t seen one before?” and would mock us as soon as we grew a little older? (or maybe only I was a bit retarded! LOL!)

But now I think that we shouldn’t grow over that age, and should once again do what we want to..  Life was beautiful as a child. no? ..Life still is the same.. if you want it to be. I, for one, still sometimes stop by to stare at the clouds to find shapes in them..

..would still get wet in the rain  :)

Would still sail paper boats.. with my Mom!  :D

Would still scribble at the back of my books  :D

..they told me to study coz’ this ‘scribbling’ wouldn’t take me anywhere ..i became a designer and made them proud (honestly, i couldn’t have been anything better! no way!)   ;D

Count stars! ..be bothered by why they were lesser than yesterday?!

..see fairy lights in your room and see the light play on the wall..

Be a child again  :)