Bugle is a brass wind instrument somewhat shorter than a trumpet and sometimes lacking keys. It was used as a military signal/alarm in earlier days; basic use: to make noise to drive attention. Which explains the name ‘Bugle’ -of a graphic committee whose logo designing was taken up as a project. Enjoyed making it..

..those were the basic design developments (which actually went through some research work as well -but thats not so interesting)  :D

Anyway, this is what the final logo looked like:

(yes, i was supposed to make it casual only)     ;D

The point here is that designing can be fun. I’m not denying the fact that professional designing requires skill, research and even science to it. But u may as do the day-to-day basic designing at least ..that isn’t so hard neither  :D

(though logo making isn’t basic, but inspiration can flow in from anywhere ..so u never know. Keep looking  :)