Not an entire-life-summary. But 2006-10 certainly was a time I lived. I am more happy and excited than can be explained by words. As i prepare to go to Delhi to meet them again, my hands are cold and numb as if blood has been withdrawn from them. I feel my heart beat louder and heavier than ever.. and as I close my eyes I can see flashbacks in a rather theatrical sorta way. And its not funny. It is going to take a great deal of effort to not bust into tears when I see them.

Moreover, my current flatmate has been playing songs that soo remind me of graduation 1st year. ‘Kya mujhe pyaar hai?’, ‘Feeling Blue’, ‘Tere Bin’, ‘Bheegi bheegi’ , ‘Hum kis gali?’ I get a faint smell of things from that time. I am feeling nostalgic. Big time. Missed you guys long enough. Looking forward to meeting you all.

I cant sleep   :’)