What to do for a surprise on a Birthday for a friend who is not at home and who is a typical guy with a messed up room?

Tidy the room up for a child-like birthday party and prepare for some good time (which includes cleaning up too!) This was also special because it happened a few days back when i was in Delhi, most of us college friends turned up after quite a while for our convocation. “Child-like” was one of our friends idea (which worked out well)  :D

Well, cleaning the room was not easy *shudder!*  :/     And those speaker’s wires across the room! *pant! pant!*  :P

i discovered two spray cans (which were his only! i finished them too ..but he wouldn’t mind ..i guess)  :P  and we arranged for a useless carton. Then looked for one of his pictures i would like..

Then making rough sketch and making stencil..

And then spraying..

..and then you focus on chilling  ;)