Few day back (remember i was talking about a friends birthday) while i was in Delhi, a lot of friends gathered at Ujjawal’s place, partly due to convocation, partly due to his birthday.. Well “they” (since i am not into cooking) planned to cook and party at his place itself.

And for those who were wondering why “Egg” was my status on Facebook (it was, for those who do not know  :P  )  That’s because they asked “Whats on ur mind?” and that day they were preparing egg -something for soo many of us! soo many eggs! so many ideas!!  ..n before they crack  :D  (all were dying to eat u know!)  ..and today i thought of preparing it as a post ..hence the status update.

Anyway, here’s what  :)

Yeah, eggs get real scared by ..u know..what is going to happen to them!  :D    (if ur an egg, i shouldn’t be laughing!)

And yes that one in the pic above IS ironman egg  :D

i guess i should let this one go..    ;)