To the general youth of today,

(to the kids and guys who believe in or say stuff like “Attitude is everything”, “..n they call it my attitude”, “Iv got my own sh*t to deal with..” and stuff like that)

This is to question you about “Attitude” that is widely spoken (say seeked). The one which some consider annoying, but makes your way through, and makes you “cool”. What is this “Attitude”? How would you define this “Attitude” you are running after? As far as i can understand, this “Attitude” works in proportion to the “i dont care” (or- “whatever”) statement. The more intense “i dont care” you feel, the more “cool” you become, the more “attitude” you have. No? Think. Let me know if Im wrong. (which i accept i can be, but i really dont think so right now) Think of a person you consider has this “Attitude” and fit him in the previous lines and analyze.

Is this what you want? Is this worth running after? I write this because i want you to know both ends, and then decide for yourself. Now I’m certainly not implying that attitude is a bad thing. All I’m saying is that you may chose to have a good one.

The definition of Attitude, according to me, is different for every individual. (if you consider every individual to be different) Or at least for those who are not imitators (that way you anyway dont have that “attitude” your imitating) Attitude is the way you respond to anything/everything/any situation. That is indeed what defines who you are. Then is when “Attitude is everything” holds its true value. The choices you make, the decisions you take, how you respond, make you who you are, and what you will be known for. For me it can be laughing along with the world, when its laughing at me. It could be taking a stand against the entire world, if I think I’m favoring whats right. Its when I truly know myself.

Wisdom is being down to earth. Attitude is achieving it without falling on your knees.