Good Morning  :)

This phrase makes you (or at least tries to) make you feel good for the day. But on a day like the one that marked the end of exams, or when your scheduled to go home, or meet someone, or on a day that was long awaited for any reason at all, “Happy Morning” is a phrase that truly expresses the feel. Im not sure if i am ‘inventing’ a phrase but who cares! the day my 7th semester exams got over, i said this ..and it felt good  :)   Only thing, say it to people who are in a similar level of ecstasy or who truly understand your happiness, for them to relate to it and understand. Feel it from the heart and say it! You’ll like it  :)

eg. If u find yourself on a beach in the morning of a day before which you had some super hectic exams.. its a “happie morning!”  ;)

May you find your “Happy Morning”/ “Happy Sunday”/ “Happy time” soon  :)