To the part of the youth who very well reacted to the ‘go green‘ movement, started wearing tee shirts delivering the message, started carrying paper bags, and then later who are seen commenting things like “enough of go green nonsense, id rather go plastic”. (So basically the part of youth who does it because it was cool, because it was hyped, and because it was a statement to make, and now who think the trend is passé)

Yes id agree that ‘evil’ seems waaayy too cool, but do not be drugged! ‘Perceive’ this reality we’r living in. Its not about being ‘cool’. It became a statement, then its going the other way round. But I would be a pinprick whose there to ruin your seconds of lonely-virtual happiness telling you flat in your face, that what you are doing is NOT COOL NEITHER. And then again, it not about being “cool”. Its not even about only you and me. I wouldn’t say any further if you are one person who doesn’t pay heed. If you are, I’m glad you do. Perceive the situation. Then appreciate the ‘go green’ movement, and then do your bit. That would be a true statement to make.

You like these plants? Well, get used to. They are all artificial.

PS. When did you last plant a seed?