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Today marks the end of the year 2010. The past decade showed us Facebook, Orkut, Google, WordPress, Tata Nano, XIX Commonwealth Games, Gay pride, Cancer Vaccine and a lot that i am obviously dropping out.. Tsunami, Bhuj, Haiti, Katrina..  and still i am dropping out a lot.. okay- Twin tower, US-Iraq war, Recession, Taj hotel attack  ..Michale Jackson *sigh*

I was not intending to drop out issues. Neither was i forgeting them. (Though im sure im still missing out on a few) I was initially thinking of skipping few of them coz we are through with it. It was hard but we did stand up again. Stronger than ever to face it. A few mistakes to learn from. A bit more carefull. A bit more responsible. Rest is all, and always has been, good.

Yesterday was progress, tomorrow will be progress, yet again!  :D

Happy New Year!


Every year, it is like an exciting task for us to know exactly what is desired by our friends, so that on their birthday we are able to present the particular long desired gift to them and see the surprised, priceless expression on their faces. *sigh*

In 2009, around September/October, i was searching for a book called Fashion Now 2 (Taschen Publications), as one of my faculties at NIFT had once spoken very highly about it. But i couldn’t find it anywhere in stock. So i ordered for that book in a store and gave my contact number for further information. I was waiting eagerly. This is when one of my awesomely intellectual friends got an idea of somehow changing the contact number that i had given to the book store, and instead, giving his. So when the book came, he got the information of its arrival, purchased it for me, and gifted it to me on my birthday in Nov! Super surprising!  *phew!*  :D

So this book, Fashion Now 2 is an awesome reference book about all the well known fashion designers. It talks about a little of their history, and a lot about their philosophy. Inspiring, Contentful, Juicy!  :)

A must-have for fashion students.

The Common Man is the creation of author and cartoonist Mr. R. K. Laxman. For over a half of a century, the Common Man has represented the hopes, aspirations, troubles and perhaps even foibles of the average Indian, through a daily cartoon strip, “You Said It” in The Times of India. The comic was started in 1951.

Every morning, the ‘Times of India’ gives people its first page with ‘You Said It!‘, the reflection of the Common Man – who is quiet spectator of the events, politics, inflations and the country’s economic rise and fall. Over more than half a century, Common man has been the voice of India.

His ‘Common Man’ with his unchanging dhoti and checkered shirt and a perpetually bewildered expression symbolizes the mute millions of India, a silent spectator of marching time. The ‘Common Man’ who finds that the leaky tap in the bathroom is of greater concern to him than the failure of the summit, or the rise in the cost of toothpaste and tomatoes is more bothersome than the deficit in our foreign exchange reserves.

I put this article up as a tribute to Mr. Laxman as i grew up looking at his cartoons, and as i wish to salute the person who (knowingly or unknowingly) attempted to initiate branding for the common man of India.

Reference: and

Visited Chennai Coast guard airport base this Sunday. Thanks to Uncle to have gotten us permission.

Why couldn’t i b a pilot or something?  :/

A lot of people ask me where exactly these designs come from? Well im not sure of the exact answer, because some designs are a result of intensive research and mind-mapping process with color combination analysis along with inspiration and a lot more; while others might just be, well.. like this  ;)

yes, u guessed right (probably!)  ..idea pop-ing isn’t time bound u see. Like i was attending clients. But u know  ;)

There are a lot of things that it could have been shaped into. So i converted it to a bookmark.

mind = design factory (directly proportional to mood)   :D

“File! File! on the desk! Who is the most fUnKy of them all?”  (Duh! It not even rhyming !)

You are!” “I am!”  (That does it! i quit story telling!)

Iv always been a person who is fascinated by stationery. Also a person fascinated with illustration. With Typography. With Recyclable Eco friendly ideas. With hypothetical pink elephants who can ride mono cycles on tight ropes held by goblins!  :P  *smirk*  Sorry, Just kidding! Well, everything except the last line.

So i mixed it up. I had a file made from recyclable paper, on which i made typographical, graphic-like illustrations while i was sipping coffee waiting for a meeting. It came out well, so i guess i’ll make the entire range soon. (Only i’ll not put my name all over it so it doesn’t look lame!)

Oh by the way, it sez “i am design/anoop” and “i like“. And as i say, dont try to reason with it if it doesnt make sense to you  :D   “Designs are made to be liked, not to be understood!”  :D

My rooms soft board today boasts of an illustration that i made thinking that i was making just lines, which evolved to waves, which looked like boneless Octopus legs or something. So i went with the flow, n made the Octopus, speaking of which, ‘Paul’ the psychic octopus came to my mind.. and i started wondering what pressure it would have been under if it knew how much expectations/faith people had started putting in it! God! Well that was when the lines which earlier formed waves, starting to form a question mark ..and i also made a hook and a wish bottle case it wanted a wish!

Had it ever seen the ocean? Dunno, never told me! All it would say was “sknifablarokachskabosh!” Which means “I hate football dude!” in Octopus.   ;)

Well my rooms soft board’d better stop boasting! Its a humble illustration for Christ’s sake  :D

While in a meeting in the design studio i work for, i happened to spot a bug from the window, which was so beautiful that ever since i saw it, it became difficult to focus on the meeting itself! (although i did, okay!)  :D    Anyway, as soon as the meeting got over, i got myself the studio camera (happens to be a Nikon D80) and prayed to God for the bug to have stayed while i rushed to the site. I took about some 10-15 snaps and then left for my workstation to transfer them. Oh n by the way, the creative head of my design studio was also there, he too obviously, is a creative person. Showing interest in it, he asked me to send him a copy too. Here’s where it started to get bad.. After transferring the pics i realized they had shaken due to zooming  :(

Id have almost let go of the opportunity, if my senior wouldn’t have teased me regarding my photography skills (which i agree aren’t great, but dude! “ego!”) With 1% hope i was running down the stairs praying harder that the bug had stayed! this time with tripod in the other hand! LOL!  :D

I found the bug almost there. It was moving slowly. I set the tripod, zoomed in, set the perfect frame, focused tight, just to realize that the battery had JUST (about 5 seconds back) discharged! Boy! It wasn’t funny i tell you! I went back to get the battery charged. And i was so impatient by now that i was literally running up and down to check for the bug and the battery alternatively! 2 mins and i checked the battery again to see if its charged enough to just get 3-4 shots! I dont remember last when i got so desperate! It still didn’t work. I put it back for further charging and get back to the still slowly moving bug, where i waited for FULL 10 MINUTES. Yes, they seemed like eternity! Only after which i got the pic i expected.

And whats worse? im still not convinced by this attempt  :/     Next time boy! Next time!

This could be a good subject for photography enthusiasts, good frame (i guess), good space division, good silhouettes, nice painting-like evening clouds.

But behind every photo is a story. This guy happens to be my flatmate (consider roommate) ..we’v been friends since the time we joined the design studio we’r working in. Not very long. But we’v gotta learn good things from all around us. This guy, Nitin, is pretty much of our (referring to all our flatmates) motivation. And then again, not completely! I have picked up some good things from him, one of which is a classic balance of adaptability with not-being-very-tolerant, Spending-like-theres-no-tomorrow with not even being careless enough to not being able to survive!  :D

And now he’s resigning. No worries, Iv made a friend. We’ll meet again.

Yes, he can play a little, but mostly, I’d say, he posses well. Hence the chemistry (probably, who cares?)  :D

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