This could be a good subject for photography enthusiasts, good frame (i guess), good space division, good silhouettes, nice painting-like evening clouds.

But behind every photo is a story. This guy happens to be my flatmate (consider roommate) ..we’v been friends since the time we joined the design studio we’r working in. Not very long. But we’v gotta learn good things from all around us. This guy, Nitin, is pretty much of our (referring to all our flatmates) motivation. And then again, not completely! I have picked up some good things from him, one of which is a classic balance of adaptability with not-being-very-tolerant, Spending-like-theres-no-tomorrow with not even being careless enough to not being able to survive!  :D

And now he’s resigning. No worries, Iv made a friend. We’ll meet again.

Yes, he can play a little, but mostly, I’d say, he posses well. Hence the chemistry (probably, who cares?)  :D