While in a meeting in the design studio i work for, i happened to spot a bug from the window, which was so beautiful that ever since i saw it, it became difficult to focus on the meeting itself! (although i did, okay!)  :D    Anyway, as soon as the meeting got over, i got myself the studio camera (happens to be a Nikon D80) and prayed to God for the bug to have stayed while i rushed to the site. I took about some 10-15 snaps and then left for my workstation to transfer them. Oh n by the way, the creative head of my design studio was also there, he too obviously, is a creative person. Showing interest in it, he asked me to send him a copy too. Here’s where it started to get bad.. After transferring the pics i realized they had shaken due to zooming  :(

Id have almost let go of the opportunity, if my senior wouldn’t have teased me regarding my photography skills (which i agree aren’t great, but dude! “ego!”) With 1% hope i was running down the stairs praying harder that the bug had stayed! this time with tripod in the other hand! LOL!  :D

I found the bug almost there. It was moving slowly. I set the tripod, zoomed in, set the perfect frame, focused tight, just to realize that the battery had JUST (about 5 seconds back) discharged! Boy! It wasn’t funny i tell you! I went back to get the battery charged. And i was so impatient by now that i was literally running up and down to check for the bug and the battery alternatively! 2 mins and i checked the battery again to see if its charged enough to just get 3-4 shots! I dont remember last when i got so desperate! It still didn’t work. I put it back for further charging and get back to the still slowly moving bug, where i waited for FULL 10 MINUTES. Yes, they seemed like eternity! Only after which i got the pic i expected.

And whats worse? im still not convinced by this attempt  :/     Next time boy! Next time!