My rooms soft board today boasts of an illustration that i made thinking that i was making just lines, which evolved to waves, which looked like boneless Octopus legs or something. So i went with the flow, n made the Octopus, speaking of which, ‘Paul’ the psychic octopus came to my mind.. and i started wondering what pressure it would have been under if it knew how much expectations/faith people had started putting in it! God! Well that was when the lines which earlier formed waves, starting to form a question mark ..and i also made a hook and a wish bottle case it wanted a wish!

Had it ever seen the ocean? Dunno, never told me! All it would say was “sknifablarokachskabosh!” Which means “I hate football dude!” in Octopus.   ;)

Well my rooms soft board’d better stop boasting! Its a humble illustration for Christ’s sake  :D