“File! File! on the desk! Who is the most fUnKy of them all?”  (Duh! It not even rhyming !)

You are!” “I am!”  (That does it! i quit story telling!)

Iv always been a person who is fascinated by stationery. Also a person fascinated with illustration. With Typography. With Recyclable Eco friendly ideas. With hypothetical pink elephants who can ride mono cycles on tight ropes held by goblins!  :P  *smirk*  Sorry, Just kidding! Well, everything except the last line.

So i mixed it up. I had a file made from recyclable paper, on which i made typographical, graphic-like illustrations while i was sipping coffee waiting for a meeting. It came out well, so i guess i’ll make the entire range soon. (Only i’ll not put my name all over it so it doesn’t look lame!)

Oh by the way, it sez “i am design/anoop” and “i like“. And as i say, dont try to reason with it if it doesnt make sense to you  :D   “Designs are made to be liked, not to be understood!”  :D