Every year, it is like an exciting task for us to know exactly what is desired by our friends, so that on their birthday we are able to present the particular long desired gift to them and see the surprised, priceless expression on their faces. *sigh*

In 2009, around September/October, i was searching for a book called Fashion Now 2 (Taschen Publications), as one of my faculties at NIFT had once spoken very highly about it. But i couldn’t find it anywhere in stock. So i ordered for that book in a store and gave my contact number for further information. I was waiting eagerly. This is when one of my awesomely intellectual friends got an idea of somehow changing the contact number that i had given to the book store, and instead, giving his. So when the book came, he got the information of its arrival, purchased it for me, and gifted it to me on my birthday in Nov! Super surprising!  *phew!*  :D

So this book, Fashion Now 2 is an awesome reference book about all the well known fashion designers. It talks about a little of their history, and a lot about their philosophy. Inspiring, Contentful, Juicy!  :)

A must-have for fashion students.