Today marks the end of the year 2010. The past decade showed us Facebook, Orkut, Google, WordPress, Tata Nano, XIX Commonwealth Games, Gay pride, Cancer Vaccine and a lot that i am obviously dropping out.. Tsunami, Bhuj, Haiti, Katrina..  and still i am dropping out a lot.. okay- Twin tower, US-Iraq war, Recession, Taj hotel attack  ..Michale Jackson *sigh*

I was not intending to drop out issues. Neither was i forgeting them. (Though im sure im still missing out on a few) I was initially thinking of skipping few of them coz we are through with it. It was hard but we did stand up again. Stronger than ever to face it. A few mistakes to learn from. A bit more carefull. A bit more responsible. Rest is all, and always has been, good.

Yesterday was progress, tomorrow will be progress, yet again!  :D

Happy New Year!