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In my recent posts i talked about planting trees, recycling, reusing etc. Those facts go for me as much as they go for you. So if im not doing it, i have no right to question anyone else on the first place.

This post is just to tell you that im not all words. And I hope you do your part  :)

Meet Joe. A plant in a repainted used can which now reads “Hope -is a very strong word”


This was an ad I used to love! Found it lately on you tube. Im so glad iv gotto share!  :D

This advertisement was made for Madhya Pradesh, India Tourism. And the way it was made and narrated, was exactly how you see things in bioscope slide shows in old Indian village fairs.

And this is in English, although not absolutely genuine, but i like the way they have maintained our accent! Funny though!

I think we’ll get back to the bioscope topic. India is pretty much attached to it in heritage terms.

Sitting on my work station, and staring at my computer screen, i suddenly realized something ..and felt like Mr. Incredible stuck in a place not really meant for him.

Wow! what a co-relation! HAHAHA!   ;)

So here’s a typography poster. Or call it a try  :D

*Ref: Disney -The Incredibles.

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