Unfortunately, i found quite a few of my friends in trouble in the past few weeks. And nothing works accept for a good advice, which is probably why i am writing this. Perhaps in times like this, sometimes, the situation may be so bad, you might not have someone to give you any advice at all. Or you could be the listener but you might not know what to suggest. For all of you in trouble seeking suggestion, i would be glad if this piece of advice works.

First, talk things out to someone who listens. “Listens” not “Hears”. Make sure you have and maintain such friends. And all you need to maintain it with people like these is to keep your ego, mood swings and attitude aside. If you are the listener, and do not see a solution, do remember this (*this is where i usually fail) that sometimes, just listening is important.

So, Advice no.1: Let it be. Let it pass. Stay with it.

Advice no.2: Face it. Hard but usually true. Remember, It isn’t going to last forever. When you don’t see solutions, start walking with the flow till wherever you see the road. When you reach there, you’ll see further.

Advice no.3: When you are through with it and things start to get in shape, do all you may, with all it takes, for you to be where you need to be. Get back up. Stop talking and prove yourself in actions. (though rushing isn’t always necessary)

You might be wondering why I did not mention ‘Making all efforts to avert the situation according to your will‘? Well, that is because if that is an option, you are not in trouble yet. Not the trouble that is really worth being called trouble. The trouble im talking about is when you have tried everything and are now helpless.

A few other general advices are..

Advice no.4: Sometimes things can be sorted out by talking out, if the matter is relevant. But that only works when whom you need to talk to is sober and hasn’t lost his temper. Else talk when things have cooled down.

Advice no.5: Saying sorry and accepting fault will do no harm. Learn from it and get back. But this helps usually only if things haven’t gone intensely wrong.

Advice no.6: Time is the best healer. All in time, things will get better. You will get better.

And yes, having faith also works.