Situated next to Dharamshala, which happens to be India’s 2nd largest rainfall receiving area, McLeod ganj is also quite rainy! And foliage looks best when rain washed.. so its ever-so-pretty!

Fortunately I happened to go there with a few of my graduation friends for a vacation, and boy! did I click pictures! Had it not been for Deepak’s constant pushing and poking, I probably wouldn’t have dared to take my gear out in the rain. (or maybe I would after all!)

Provoked by Deepak, I went out early in the morning, assuming no one would get up at 6:00, or for that matter, even before 10am. While in the middle of nowhere, it started poring..
The question was should I run back or should I run forward, because I was pretty much in the center, and it was all uncertain, but then I had to face Deepak!
So, yes, I ran, and ran for about half a kilometer uphill, with my gear covered with my jacket, till I found a safe place (err.. bit safe, see it was a 3ft tin shade) and got stranded for about 2 hrs, till Deepak himself finally came to the rescue with an umbrella (Damn! Why dint I think of it!)
..I now think he guessed that I was partly pushed by passion, and partly by ego, and he sure knows how to put aside ego in friendship.

Not to forget, the Tibetan monastry..

Its a beautiful place, and I completely congratulate Himachal tourism for having such a spot, woohoo! real fun  :)