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Delhi completed its 100 years yesterday on Dec 12, 2011. “Happy Birthday Delhi!” to began with!
So yesterday, I and a few of my friends went out to click some pictures of this awesome city showing its various colors.. turned out, it can’t be compiled in one post, and neither can it be clicked in one day! So I’ll upload more as they come, meanwhile..


In an effort to thank the volunteers for their selfless efforts and to increase public awareness on there contribution to the society, 5th december is celebrated as International Volunteer Day in majority countries of the world by the United Nations since 1985.

Pravah (a Delhi based NGO), is celebrating International Volunteer Day in the British Council, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi,
and I volunteered to make a poster and banner for this event.

Volunteer more! It gives a lot of peace of mind.

Condom |ˈkändəm, ˈkən-|
A word which one should not be shy to pronounce/use/talk about.
A symbol of Awareness and responsibility.

The Responsibility Project:
A common problem with keeping a condom in your possesion (especially in India) is that there is a constant fear of being questioned.
Unfortunately, even though it is a good practice, it still is a social taboo.
We talk of AIDS awareness but we  feel shy to ask for a condom from the chemist shop.

My motive of designing this packaging with text saying “RESPONSIBILITY” and “Yes, I’m a socially responsible citizen.” is to portray the practice of keeping a condom as a socially responsible deed, which we know it is beyond doubt. My motive is that the mass can keep a condom without any hesitation, and in fact feel proud of it.

I call it “The Responsibility Package”.

The Package contains text educating and promoting safe sex to adolescents.

1st Prototype:

After all, problems can only be solved once we start talking about them.

1st December. World AIDS day. Lets Talk.

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