Condom |ˈkändəm, ˈkən-|
A word which one should not be shy to pronounce/use/talk about.
A symbol of Awareness and responsibility.

The Responsibility Project:
A common problem with keeping a condom in your possesion (especially in India) is that there is a constant fear of being questioned.
Unfortunately, even though it is a good practice, it still is a social taboo.
We talk of AIDS awareness but we  feel shy to ask for a condom from the chemist shop.

My motive of designing this packaging with text saying “RESPONSIBILITY” and “Yes, I’m a socially responsible citizen.” is to portray the practice of keeping a condom as a socially responsible deed, which we know it is beyond doubt. My motive is that the mass can keep a condom without any hesitation, and in fact feel proud of it.

I call it “The Responsibility Package”.

The Package contains text educating and promoting safe sex to adolescents.

1st Prototype:

After all, problems can only be solved once we start talking about them.

1st December. World AIDS day. Lets Talk.