Grandpa once asked me “You’r good in a lot of things, son, tell me what are you best in? or what do you finally want to become?”

For the first time I felt that being good in more than one things can raise such a question, and it is not a good feeling to not have an answer.

After a moment of silence Grandpa said “Don’t be the Jack of all, be the master of something.” I was never a bright child in academics, but it doesn’t take much skill to sense disgrace on one’s face. Not a good feeling, again.

Ever since, the more I ran, the more I found myself in the center of being a ‘Jack of all‘. And it’s just about now that I look back and realize that maybe that is what Im supposed to do! Maybe that is my purpose.

Gone are the days when one had to be good in one specific field! Let them know, that I’ll not pull back from anything. That I will do everything I have ever wanted to do. All of it. All in the one life Iv been granted.

Let them know that I’m no more afraid of being a ‘Jack’.

I invite you to being a Jack, and to live life the way you want to. Do everything. Make your own mistakes. Learn yourself.

Let them know that the age of Jacks is here.