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This is good! Maybe not the print, but the feeling! Your favorite prints/motifs printed on your favorite medium!
Here we have Steve McQueen on Veg tanned leather.

IMG-20130614-00641 copy
IMG-20130614-00642e IMG-20130614-00643IMG-20130614-00646 copye IMG-20130614-00639


So you start with a black or halftone print on a transparent medium and use it to shield a permeable frame covered in light sensitive paste when it is exposed to UV light before cleaning it with pressurized water and wholla! You have your own screen!

Ready to be printed as soon as you figure out what kind of dye or pigment will work with the given fabric -acid, azo, vat, direct, and what process -disperse, devore, flock, pigment, foil..

ok, I’m beginning to think that maybe it IS kinda difficult. But if you trust me and carry on, and actually succeed in doing one will find yourself hooked to this outstanding process of printing! It is amazing -ly awesome!

IMG-20130624-00664 copy
IMG-20130628-00712 IMG-20130627-00685 IMG-20130627-00682 IMG-20130627-00675 IMG-20130624-006559036_10200125603484105_399882063_nIMG-20130624-00660 copye IMG-20130624-00656 9208351791_f3952f25cd_o 9208351911_1ec2220521_o

Illustrating after a long time. Watercolors.
I remember now why I like monochromatic art!
Tried making faces of some of the people I keep missing.


In an effort to thank the volunteers for their selfless efforts and to increase public awareness on there contribution to the society, 5th december is celebrated as International Volunteer Day in majority countries of the world by the United Nations since 1985.

Pravah (a Delhi based NGO), is celebrating International Volunteer Day in the British Council, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi,
and I volunteered to make a poster and banner for this event.

Volunteer more! It gives a lot of peace of mind.

Condom |ˈkändəm, ˈkən-|
A word which one should not be shy to pronounce/use/talk about.
A symbol of Awareness and responsibility.

The Responsibility Project:
A common problem with keeping a condom in your possesion (especially in India) is that there is a constant fear of being questioned.
Unfortunately, even though it is a good practice, it still is a social taboo.
We talk of AIDS awareness but we  feel shy to ask for a condom from the chemist shop.

My motive of designing this packaging with text saying “RESPONSIBILITY” and “Yes, I’m a socially responsible citizen.” is to portray the practice of keeping a condom as a socially responsible deed, which we know it is beyond doubt. My motive is that the mass can keep a condom without any hesitation, and in fact feel proud of it.

I call it “The Responsibility Package”.

The Package contains text educating and promoting safe sex to adolescents.

1st Prototype:

After all, problems can only be solved once we start talking about them.

1st December. World AIDS day. Lets Talk.

Here’s a sketch of hindu deity Lord Rama I made on the back of some register.

Im not much of a religious person, but I truly believe that the images of our deities need to be modernized for the youth to take interest in them. Our hindu Gods used to be depicted in beautiful and generally healthy form.

I believe that they should now be illustrated as more muscular and well.. “super”-like, so that the onlooker can relate more to them as “the protector”. For a start, I think they need a slight bit identity rebuilding..

An abstract interpretation of Lord Rama. There still is a lot that is going to be done on this, meanwhile, critic and suggestions are welcome.

Sitting on my work station, and staring at my computer screen, i suddenly realized something ..and felt like Mr. Incredible stuck in a place not really meant for him.

Wow! what a co-relation! HAHAHA!   ;)

So here’s a typography poster. Or call it a try  :D

*Ref: Disney -The Incredibles.

India Celebrates its Republic Day. I do my part as a designer.

The job of motivation.

Oh no, this is  just the beginning  :)

“Jay Hind!”

Thanks to advanced cell phone technologies, ever since we have had cameras in them, we have stopped losing a lot of data (memories) we otherwise would (most probably) have forgotten by now.

So here’s what I and my then flatmate Yudi made on Divya for ‘body art’ in 3rd year of our graduation. (Now an illustration, or is it?)


The theme was Aquatic something  :P

A guilty conscience is more honorable than regret.

I ask one question that either makes you feel good that you are one of those who care, or places you in front of a mirror where you meet someone you cant face, and you cant run from either. That someone is your own conscience.

I intend to shake the conscience of every single individual that reads this one question.

You may lie to me. How do you lie to yourself?

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