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Hope is by far one of the best feelings to associate with in life. It gives us reason to go on when we are helpless. But be warned, Hope can be a dangerous thing. Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Hope is the worst of all evils, for it prolongs the torment of man.” This is with reference to the myth of the Pandora’s box. It is said that when the box was opened, all evil flew out into the world, and Hope was the only evil to stay behind. In some translations it flew out last -hence its concealed nature. So is it a good thing at all?

To ask someone to not expect anything from anyone at all is next to impossible. And none the less, Expectation itself is one of the worst evils there is. It leads to all dispute, hatred, and evolves into dramatic proportions. Expectation is what makes Hope evil. None the less, if there is no hope, people will give up. Hope is the fuel that drives all of mankind (until they achieve stages of being saints or sages and have isolated themselves completely from all of the material world).

On a daily bases, we hope that there are no sudden deaths amongst people we know and care for, we hope that none suffers from physical or mental pain and agony, we hope that everything shall end well and we hope that the world doesn’t come to an end. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a thin line between Hope being a good thing and a bad thing. For the things we face in life -work for them, do hope for the best, but DO NOT expect a promise, a surety, that things will be exactly as you plan/hope, because that is not how the universe works. Things may or may not work out the way you want them to. It is a mere chance, and we can only keep our fingers crossed. Hope is having faith that the dice may lands in our favor while knowing that it might not. Hope is driving strength from the minor possibility that things shall work out while knowing that they might not. Hope is not a promise for a better future. As long as we are clear about that- hope is a good thing; It is indeed by far one of the best feelings to associate with in life.


Contrary to popular belief ‘design’ is a very underrated field. Unfortunately it is perceived quite the opposite due to its associations. The society needs to know better.

The practical importance or credibility of fields, at least in India, is more or less like this: Civil services (Administrative fields -not to be confused with politics), Medical, Engineering, Law and then the rest.
I don’t disagree to the importance of the above mentioned fields, but I don’t see equality in the social mindset.
Design is perceived as a superficial, not so important, just beauty-related field. And needless to say Politics is hated in general (I will get back to politics soon).

Design is not art. Design is not fashion. Design is not product.
Design is not graphic, textile, knitwear, animation, ceramics or jewelry.
Design, by definition, is plan.
A designer is a planner. His/her efforts include considering various possibilities, outcomes, waste, waste disposal, hazards, precautions, feasibility, ergonomics, stability to name a few. And they can create a can-opener inspired from a lotus, or a nation changing political system inspired from the courts of Akbar or Alexander.

So instead of ignorantly opening the tap, bathing from the water magically appearing from the faucet, think about what must have gone into designing it.
How the tap works?
How much work has been done to make a pipeline and the entire sewage system for the tap to work?
It all needed design. Design is everywhere. Look around you.
Be amazed. Be thankful.

All I want is a change in perception.

Edited: 21st Nov 2013

Polyprop designer Robin Day passed away earlier this month.

Who was Robin Day you ask?
Robin Day, a UK-based polyprop designer, who in 1963 made one of the first chairs to really take advantage of injection molding for mass markets -a single mold could crank out 4000 Polyprop seats a week, and since its inception over 14 million have been sold in 23 countries. When licensed copies are tallied, the sales figures are estimated at between 20 and 50 million.

Stacking Chair by Robin Day

How many of us gave credit to the person who made this? And people like him who make things like these all the time?

Printed on a recycled USI (Uni Style Image) carry bag.
Be aware. Be responsible. Do whatever possible from your end however small may it be.
Or at least resent to such activities, and don’t support them.

Good work USI.

Grandpa once asked me “You’r good in a lot of things, son, tell me what are you best in? or what do you finally want to become?”

For the first time I felt that being good in more than one things can raise such a question, and it is not a good feeling to not have an answer.

After a moment of silence Grandpa said “Don’t be the Jack of all, be the master of something.” I was never a bright child in academics, but it doesn’t take much skill to sense disgrace on one’s face. Not a good feeling, again.

Ever since, the more I ran, the more I found myself in the center of being a ‘Jack of all‘. And it’s just about now that I look back and realize that maybe that is what Im supposed to do! Maybe that is my purpose.

Gone are the days when one had to be good in one specific field! Let them know, that I’ll not pull back from anything. That I will do everything I have ever wanted to do. All of it. All in the one life Iv been granted.

Let them know that I’m no more afraid of being a ‘Jack’.

I invite you to being a Jack, and to live life the way you want to. Do everything. Make your own mistakes. Learn yourself.

Let them know that the age of Jacks is here.


About an years back I remember passing by an article on ‘how to face interviews’, and a read a bit out of curiosity. Their was a section about what to answer when they ask you for your own cons? Very thoughtful! You cant be honest so as to not get a job! Neither can you deny answer! Nor can you say you don’t have a flaw at all! And why?

“Why” is the question.

About two years back, in college.. i remember being a person who would run after perfection. No that doesn’t mean i would get even close to it, but i would really try. In work, in assignments, in speech, in which pen to choose, in which paper to wrap life. I couldn’t understand why would i be so disappointed almost all the time.

Then in one of my history of design classes, i was told about some ancient Chinese professional craftsmen who made very intricate pottery. They were perfect in what they did. They made a perfect vase, painted it with detailed oriental style, and when it was almost complete with perfection, they would make a vary small deliberate mistake. Like a slight brush mark. This was symbolic, for their acceptance, of being human. I couldn’t forget this lesson.

Also my favorite Salvador Dali‘s quote is “Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it!”

So was this it? The answer to the ‘why’! We are humans, and we cant be perfect no matter how hard we try. This is why a perfectionist would be disappointed almost 70% of his life i guess! But if you accept imperfection is very relieving!

Ask me what i like about the band Red hot Chilli Peppers? Their music seems a bit offbeat sometimes, it may have traces of imperfection is studio edited but they dont make it appear as if it was sung by perfect angels! It is lovable!

Everyone want to be perfect.. even a tiny atom, the smallest thing in the universe, whose duplet/octave is incomplete tends to achieve a state of perfect balance! So trying to achieve perfection is human too. What I am trying to say is not to stop seeking perfection. But to be wise enough to not expect everything to end up like they show in the movies ..stop trying to bend everything, and let the chips fall where they may.

What i have to say ends here, but you might want to read the lyrics of a track called ‘This is your life’ by Dust Brothers.


[ Link:

This is your life.. Good to the last drop, doesn’t get any better than this.
You are not your bank account, the clothes you wear, the contents of your wallet, your bowel cancer, your grande latte or the car you drive.. The things you think you own, end up owning you. You have to give up.
I say let me never be complete.
I say may i never be content.
I say deliver me from Swedish furniture!
I say deliver me from clever art.
I say deliver me from clear skin and perfect teeth.
I say you have to give up.
I say evolve, and let the chips fall where they may..

A recent trip to Kutch district in Gujarat was far more than I had thought it would be. I expected that Id see some village, some artesian, some desert and I would try to get some pictures. But perhaps I had imagined less. Far less!

This trip showed how much is left for us to see, and more importantly understood. What I saw was a rich heritage untouched from industrialization (well almost, till lately) suspended in time, and immortalized by their Handicraft. The craftsmen are truly God-sent, but it is sad to know that they are not completely getting what they deserve most -Acknowledgement.

Id like to take this platform today, to bring to your notice, the people, their art and their self-less endeavour to keep it alive. But before that, a brief go-through of the place and the trip  :)

A mini pick-up lorry, and don’t miss the paint! No one does kitsch like India!

A Temple, and the flags..

Sunset at the Great Runn of Kutch, a White saline desert. I hadn’t witnessed such a sight before! 

The tradition, still prevalent..

How could I have missed the Turban!  :P

And the journey..

(I was accompanied by a few of my colleagues, forming a design team which went there and did this project. You might want to read from a different perspective, perhaps Legend of the 16 tribes and the soul of the embroidery art: )

Unfortunately, i found quite a few of my friends in trouble in the past few weeks. And nothing works accept for a good advice, which is probably why i am writing this. Perhaps in times like this, sometimes, the situation may be so bad, you might not have someone to give you any advice at all. Or you could be the listener but you might not know what to suggest. For all of you in trouble seeking suggestion, i would be glad if this piece of advice works.

First, talk things out to someone who listens. “Listens” not “Hears”. Make sure you have and maintain such friends. And all you need to maintain it with people like these is to keep your ego, mood swings and attitude aside. If you are the listener, and do not see a solution, do remember this (*this is where i usually fail) that sometimes, just listening is important.

So, Advice no.1: Let it be. Let it pass. Stay with it.

Advice no.2: Face it. Hard but usually true. Remember, It isn’t going to last forever. When you don’t see solutions, start walking with the flow till wherever you see the road. When you reach there, you’ll see further.

Advice no.3: When you are through with it and things start to get in shape, do all you may, with all it takes, for you to be where you need to be. Get back up. Stop talking and prove yourself in actions. (though rushing isn’t always necessary)

You might be wondering why I did not mention ‘Making all efforts to avert the situation according to your will‘? Well, that is because if that is an option, you are not in trouble yet. Not the trouble that is really worth being called trouble. The trouble im talking about is when you have tried everything and are now helpless.

A few other general advices are..

Advice no.4: Sometimes things can be sorted out by talking out, if the matter is relevant. But that only works when whom you need to talk to is sober and hasn’t lost his temper. Else talk when things have cooled down.

Advice no.5: Saying sorry and accepting fault will do no harm. Learn from it and get back. But this helps usually only if things haven’t gone intensely wrong.

Advice no.6: Time is the best healer. All in time, things will get better. You will get better.

And yes, having faith also works.

In my recent posts i talked about planting trees, recycling, reusing etc. Those facts go for me as much as they go for you. So if im not doing it, i have no right to question anyone else on the first place.

This post is just to tell you that im not all words. And I hope you do your part  :)

Meet Joe. A plant in a repainted used can which now reads “Hope -is a very strong word”

A guilty conscience is more honorable than regret.

I ask one question that either makes you feel good that you are one of those who care, or places you in front of a mirror where you meet someone you cant face, and you cant run from either. That someone is your own conscience.

I intend to shake the conscience of every single individual that reads this one question.

You may lie to me. How do you lie to yourself?

“File! File! on the desk! Who is the most fUnKy of them all?”  (Duh! It not even rhyming !)

You are!” “I am!”  (That does it! i quit story telling!)

Iv always been a person who is fascinated by stationery. Also a person fascinated with illustration. With Typography. With Recyclable Eco friendly ideas. With hypothetical pink elephants who can ride mono cycles on tight ropes held by goblins!  :P  *smirk*  Sorry, Just kidding! Well, everything except the last line.

So i mixed it up. I had a file made from recyclable paper, on which i made typographical, graphic-like illustrations while i was sipping coffee waiting for a meeting. It came out well, so i guess i’ll make the entire range soon. (Only i’ll not put my name all over it so it doesn’t look lame!)

Oh by the way, it sez “i am design/anoop” and “i like“. And as i say, dont try to reason with it if it doesnt make sense to you  :D   “Designs are made to be liked, not to be understood!”  :D

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