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Hope is by far one of the best feelings to associate with in life. It gives us reason to go on when we are helpless. But be warned, Hope can be a dangerous thing. Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Hope is the worst of all evils, for it prolongs the torment of man.” This is with reference to the myth of the Pandora’s box. It is said that when the box was opened, all evil flew out into the world, and Hope was the only evil to stay behind. In some translations it flew out last -hence its concealed nature. So is it a good thing at all?

To ask someone to not expect anything from anyone at all is next to impossible. And none the less, Expectation itself is one of the worst evils there is. It leads to all dispute, hatred, and evolves into dramatic proportions. Expectation is what makes Hope evil. None the less, if there is no hope, people will give up. Hope is the fuel that drives all of mankind (until they achieve stages of being saints or sages and have isolated themselves completely from all of the material world).

On a daily bases, we hope that there are no sudden deaths amongst people we know and care for, we hope that none suffers from physical or mental pain and agony, we hope that everything shall end well and we hope that the world doesn’t come to an end. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a thin line between Hope being a good thing and a bad thing. For the things we face in life -work for them, do hope for the best, but DO NOT expect a promise, a surety, that things will be exactly as you plan/hope, because that is not how the universe works. Things may or may not work out the way you want them to. It is a mere chance, and we can only keep our fingers crossed. Hope is having faith that the dice may lands in our favor while knowing that it might not. Hope is driving strength from the minor possibility that things shall work out while knowing that they might not. Hope is not a promise for a better future. As long as we are clear about that- hope is a good thing; It is indeed by far one of the best feelings to associate with in life.


Yet another photo shoot. This time for the black bomber.

Designer: Anoop Shukla
Model: Mimis Kormas
Photographer: Agnė Bekeraityte

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Anoop Look Book-2012e


Recent photo shoot pics.
Soon to be uploaded on website:




Designer: Anoop Shukla
Stylist: Uniqua Pirjo-Lena Hardy
Model: Harry Scott
Photographer: Agne Bekeraityte
Click here for viewing photographer’s blog.

(Thank you all for your help. The shoot was good fun.)

DSC_0459e DSC_0467e DSC_0470e DSC_0472e DSC_0473e DSC_0476e DSC_0483e DSC_0487e DSC_0518e DSC_0521e

Paper+PVA glue(dliute)+Muscular dummy – Leave to dry..


This is giving me ideas.. Next stop -Leather!

This is good! Maybe not the print, but the feeling! Your favorite prints/motifs printed on your favorite medium!
Here we have Steve McQueen on Veg tanned leather.

IMG-20130614-00641 copy
IMG-20130614-00642e IMG-20130614-00643IMG-20130614-00646 copye IMG-20130614-00639

Contrary to popular belief ‘design’ is a very underrated field. Unfortunately it is perceived quite the opposite due to its associations. The society needs to know better.

The practical importance or credibility of fields, at least in India, is more or less like this: Civil services (Administrative fields -not to be confused with politics), Medical, Engineering, Law and then the rest.
I don’t disagree to the importance of the above mentioned fields, but I don’t see equality in the social mindset.
Design is perceived as a superficial, not so important, just beauty-related field. And needless to say Politics is hated in general (I will get back to politics soon).

Design is not art. Design is not fashion. Design is not product.
Design is not graphic, textile, knitwear, animation, ceramics or jewelry.
Design, by definition, is plan.
A designer is a planner. His/her efforts include considering various possibilities, outcomes, waste, waste disposal, hazards, precautions, feasibility, ergonomics, stability to name a few. And they can create a can-opener inspired from a lotus, or a nation changing political system inspired from the courts of Akbar or Alexander.

So instead of ignorantly opening the tap, bathing from the water magically appearing from the faucet, think about what must have gone into designing it.
How the tap works?
How much work has been done to make a pipeline and the entire sewage system for the tap to work?
It all needed design. Design is everywhere. Look around you.
Be amazed. Be thankful.

All I want is a change in perception.

Edited: 21st Nov 2013

Polyprop designer Robin Day passed away earlier this month.

Who was Robin Day you ask?
Robin Day, a UK-based polyprop designer, who in 1963 made one of the first chairs to really take advantage of injection molding for mass markets -a single mold could crank out 4000 Polyprop seats a week, and since its inception over 14 million have been sold in 23 countries. When licensed copies are tallied, the sales figures are estimated at between 20 and 50 million.

Stacking Chair by Robin Day

How many of us gave credit to the person who made this? And people like him who make things like these all the time?

So you start with a black or halftone print on a transparent medium and use it to shield a permeable frame covered in light sensitive paste when it is exposed to UV light before cleaning it with pressurized water and wholla! You have your own screen!

Ready to be printed as soon as you figure out what kind of dye or pigment will work with the given fabric -acid, azo, vat, direct, and what process -disperse, devore, flock, pigment, foil..

ok, I’m beginning to think that maybe it IS kinda difficult. But if you trust me and carry on, and actually succeed in doing one will find yourself hooked to this outstanding process of printing! It is amazing -ly awesome!

IMG-20130624-00664 copy
IMG-20130628-00712 IMG-20130627-00685 IMG-20130627-00682 IMG-20130627-00675 IMG-20130624-006559036_10200125603484105_399882063_nIMG-20130624-00660 copye IMG-20130624-00656 9208351791_f3952f25cd_o 9208351911_1ec2220521_o

I saw this post and had to share it!

Illustrating after a long time. Watercolors.
I remember now why I like monochromatic art!
Tried making faces of some of the people I keep missing.


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