Do we know as much as a person of our qualification should?
Do we at all know as much as a graduate student should?
You know your self best, but my answer would be no.
Perhaps it will always remain no.
For Vidyarthi* (he who seeks knowledge i.e. student) is my name and so it shall remain as long as I live.
And if your answer is yes, it is both the best and the worst of things.
The best thing is that you would be satisfied with life.

And the worst thing is, that you would be satisfied with life.

Realize the importance of time that you have, and make the most of it.
Stay curious.


Printed on a recycled USI (Uni Style Image) carry bag.
Be aware. Be responsible. Do whatever possible from your end however small may it be.
Or at least resent to such activities, and don’t support them.

Good work USI.

Grandpa once asked me “You’r good in a lot of things, son, tell me what are you best in? or what do you finally want to become?”

For the first time I felt that being good in more than one things can raise such a question, and it is not a good feeling to not have an answer.

After a moment of silence Grandpa said “Don’t be the Jack of all, be the master of something.” I was never a bright child in academics, but it doesn’t take much skill to sense disgrace on one’s face. Not a good feeling, again.

Ever since, the more I ran, the more I found myself in the center of being a ‘Jack of all‘. And it’s just about now that I look back and realize that maybe that is what Im supposed to do! Maybe that is my purpose.

Gone are the days when one had to be good in one specific field! Let them know, that I’ll not pull back from anything. That I will do everything I have ever wanted to do. All of it. All in the one life Iv been granted.

Let them know that I’m no more afraid of being a ‘Jack’.

I invite you to being a Jack, and to live life the way you want to. Do everything. Make your own mistakes. Learn yourself.

Let them know that the age of Jacks is here.


About an years back I remember passing by an article on ‘how to face interviews’, and a read a bit out of curiosity. Their was a section about what to answer when they ask you for your own cons? Very thoughtful! You cant be honest so as to not get a job! Neither can you deny answer! Nor can you say you don’t have a flaw at all! And why?

“Why” is the question.

About two years back, in college.. i remember being a person who would run after perfection. No that doesn’t mean i would get even close to it, but i would really try. In work, in assignments, in speech, in which pen to choose, in which paper to wrap life. I couldn’t understand why would i be so disappointed almost all the time.

Then in one of my history of design classes, i was told about some ancient Chinese professional craftsmen who made very intricate pottery. They were perfect in what they did. They made a perfect vase, painted it with detailed oriental style, and when it was almost complete with perfection, they would make a vary small deliberate mistake. Like a slight brush mark. This was symbolic, for their acceptance, of being human. I couldn’t forget this lesson.

Also my favorite Salvador Dali‘s quote is “Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it!”

So was this it? The answer to the ‘why’! We are humans, and we cant be perfect no matter how hard we try. This is why a perfectionist would be disappointed almost 70% of his life i guess! But if you accept imperfection is very relieving!

Ask me what i like about the band Red hot Chilli Peppers? Their music seems a bit offbeat sometimes, it may have traces of imperfection is studio edited but they dont make it appear as if it was sung by perfect angels! It is lovable!

Everyone want to be perfect.. even a tiny atom, the smallest thing in the universe, whose duplet/octave is incomplete tends to achieve a state of perfect balance! So trying to achieve perfection is human too. What I am trying to say is not to stop seeking perfection. But to be wise enough to not expect everything to end up like they show in the movies ..stop trying to bend everything, and let the chips fall where they may.

What i have to say ends here, but you might want to read the lyrics of a track called ‘This is your life’ by Dust Brothers.


[ Link:

This is your life.. Good to the last drop, doesn’t get any better than this.
You are not your bank account, the clothes you wear, the contents of your wallet, your bowel cancer, your grande latte or the car you drive.. The things you think you own, end up owning you. You have to give up.
I say let me never be complete.
I say may i never be content.
I say deliver me from Swedish furniture!
I say deliver me from clever art.
I say deliver me from clear skin and perfect teeth.
I say you have to give up.
I say evolve, and let the chips fall where they may..

Delhi completed its 100 years yesterday on Dec 12, 2011. “Happy Birthday Delhi!” to began with!
So yesterday, I and a few of my friends went out to click some pictures of this awesome city showing its various colors.. turned out, it can’t be compiled in one post, and neither can it be clicked in one day! So I’ll upload more as they come, meanwhile..

In an effort to thank the volunteers for their selfless efforts and to increase public awareness on there contribution to the society, 5th december is celebrated as International Volunteer Day in majority countries of the world by the United Nations since 1985.

Pravah (a Delhi based NGO), is celebrating International Volunteer Day in the British Council, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi,
and I volunteered to make a poster and banner for this event.

Volunteer more! It gives a lot of peace of mind.

Condom |ˈkändəm, ˈkən-|
A word which one should not be shy to pronounce/use/talk about.
A symbol of Awareness and responsibility.

The Responsibility Project:
A common problem with keeping a condom in your possesion (especially in India) is that there is a constant fear of being questioned.
Unfortunately, even though it is a good practice, it still is a social taboo.
We talk of AIDS awareness but we  feel shy to ask for a condom from the chemist shop.

My motive of designing this packaging with text saying “RESPONSIBILITY” and “Yes, I’m a socially responsible citizen.” is to portray the practice of keeping a condom as a socially responsible deed, which we know it is beyond doubt. My motive is that the mass can keep a condom without any hesitation, and in fact feel proud of it.

I call it “The Responsibility Package”.

The Package contains text educating and promoting safe sex to adolescents.

1st Prototype:

After all, problems can only be solved once we start talking about them.

1st December. World AIDS day. Lets Talk.

Here’s a sketch of hindu deity Lord Rama I made on the back of some register.

Im not much of a religious person, but I truly believe that the images of our deities need to be modernized for the youth to take interest in them. Our hindu Gods used to be depicted in beautiful and generally healthy form.

I believe that they should now be illustrated as more muscular and well.. “super”-like, so that the onlooker can relate more to them as “the protector”. For a start, I think they need a slight bit identity rebuilding..

An abstract interpretation of Lord Rama. There still is a lot that is going to be done on this, meanwhile, critic and suggestions are welcome.

Situated next to Dharamshala, which happens to be India’s 2nd largest rainfall receiving area, McLeod ganj is also quite rainy! And foliage looks best when rain washed.. so its ever-so-pretty!

Fortunately I happened to go there with a few of my graduation friends for a vacation, and boy! did I click pictures! Had it not been for Deepak’s constant pushing and poking, I probably wouldn’t have dared to take my gear out in the rain. (or maybe I would after all!)

Provoked by Deepak, I went out early in the morning, assuming no one would get up at 6:00, or for that matter, even before 10am. While in the middle of nowhere, it started poring..
The question was should I run back or should I run forward, because I was pretty much in the center, and it was all uncertain, but then I had to face Deepak!
So, yes, I ran, and ran for about half a kilometer uphill, with my gear covered with my jacket, till I found a safe place (err.. bit safe, see it was a 3ft tin shade) and got stranded for about 2 hrs, till Deepak himself finally came to the rescue with an umbrella (Damn! Why dint I think of it!)
..I now think he guessed that I was partly pushed by passion, and partly by ego, and he sure knows how to put aside ego in friendship.

Not to forget, the Tibetan monastry..

Its a beautiful place, and I completely congratulate Himachal tourism for having such a spot, woohoo! real fun  :)

Regretfully I have to agree to the fact, that there still, exist a major part of Indian population, which looks at the female crowd that stays out relatively late or wear short clothes which according to them are “inappropriate”, in a demeaning way. It is completely disgusting how narrow a certain lot can get. And this unwillingly forces many to dress up in long length dresses, or takes the shape of rapes and molestation. The most frustrating fact is that this particular lot probably considers short dresses as an invitation to rape/molest them!

Baffled by this, women of India thought to follow the chain of event which started from Toronto to across US, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain, called “Slut walk” or “Shameless walk”. It all started when constable Michael Sanguinetti outraged students of York University with his remark, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised”. The idea of this walk was to dress up, as they say, “inappropriately”  and to march out on the streets to support this cause with as much media coverage as possible.

Unfortunately again, the anticipated number of women did not participate, which somehow still is not surprising.

“It is very typical of women to not show up, fearing trouble. I asked a few friends to join me but they refused saying that it would create a lot of hassles for them. One of my friend’s husband refused to let his wife attend. Women are not used to coming out in the open in this country and fight against what is wrong,” said Hemal Sringla, another participant.

My concern here is also that was this at all able to communicate the message to the target mass? It is good to see the effort, and I would completely like to support it on my blog as well with whatever I can, but I doubt if it is so easy to explain things to such people. In fact I hate to say the disgraceful and narrow minded elements would still be finding this funny or maybe even arousing.

One good thing was to see male participants walking for their wives, sisters and daughter’s future.

I appreciate the people who understand, and bow to the people who actually took an initiative.


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