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Contrary to popular belief ‘design’ is a very underrated field. Unfortunately it is perceived quite the opposite due to its associations. The society needs to know better.

The practical importance or credibility of fields, at least in India, is more or less like this: Civil services (Administrative fields -not to be confused with politics), Medical, Engineering, Law and then the rest.
I don’t disagree to the importance of the above mentioned fields, but I don’t see equality in the social mindset.
Design is perceived as a superficial, not so important, just beauty-related field. And needless to say Politics is hated in general (I will get back to politics soon).

Design is not art. Design is not fashion. Design is not product.
Design is not graphic, textile, knitwear, animation, ceramics or jewelry.
Design, by definition, is plan.
A designer is a planner. His/her efforts include considering various possibilities, outcomes, waste, waste disposal, hazards, precautions, feasibility, ergonomics, stability to name a few. And they can create a can-opener inspired from a lotus, or a nation changing political system inspired from the courts of Akbar or Alexander.

So instead of ignorantly opening the tap, bathing from the water magically appearing from the faucet, think about what must have gone into designing it.
How the tap works?
How much work has been done to make a pipeline and the entire sewage system for the tap to work?
It all needed design. Design is everywhere. Look around you.
Be amazed. Be thankful.

All I want is a change in perception.

Edited: 21st Nov 2013

Polyprop designer Robin Day passed away earlier this month.

Who was Robin Day you ask?
Robin Day, a UK-based polyprop designer, who in 1963 made one of the first chairs to really take advantage of injection molding for mass markets -a single mold could crank out 4000 Polyprop seats a week, and since its inception over 14 million have been sold in 23 countries. When licensed copies are tallied, the sales figures are estimated at between 20 and 50 million.

Stacking Chair by Robin Day

How many of us gave credit to the person who made this? And people like him who make things like these all the time?


Was thinking about it ..and found it ..over the internet. The hard truth: Most of the things that we start doing, thinking that its absolutely innovative/new or exclusive, has already been done in our age.  *sigh*

Well, i do not know the source (Previously seen on but this amazing graphic painted on an office wall says a lot about Understanding a Designer and Designs. Impressive. Precise. i Like  :)

This shoot was done right after my college jury as i knew that my product might not last for long  ;)  reason: it being a bean bag, and a bean cube  :)

(now u don’t expect us to be all mature n all in college 3rd year do u!)

Not that it wasn’t strong, but its certainly wasn’t meant to be jumped on from top of tables or for stunt performances! which my dearest friends did!  ..n the bean bag rests in peace now. But we had some fun time fighting over the bean-bag!  (Will cherish that time)

Moral: The new CAUTION tag should read: “Keep away from Sharp objects; AND FROM EARTHQUAKE-CAUSING-COLLEGE-GOING-FRIENDS!”  LOL!

Fun was important; bean-bag can b made again big deal.  ;)

Since this is a new blog ..i need to put an image on the top header. Why not developing one?

..maybe a self-portrait (my blog after all)  :P

It’s very important to understand the emotion linked to any project before u start designing. In this case, ‘flutter’ refers to the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, which symbolise agitation ..and further ‘flutter’ in the head, indicates brainstorming or idea induction (taken positively)  hence the name ..let’s see where this takes us..

…the outcome was uploaded as the header  :)

^ (2010)

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