Regretfully I have to agree to the fact, that there still, exist a major part of Indian population, which looks at the female crowd that stays out relatively late or wear short clothes which according to them are “inappropriate”, in a demeaning way. It is completely disgusting how narrow a certain lot can get. And this unwillingly forces many to dress up in long length dresses, or takes the shape of rapes and molestation. The most frustrating fact is that this particular lot probably considers short dresses as an invitation to rape/molest them!

Baffled by this, women of India thought to follow the chain of event which started from Toronto to across US, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain, called “Slut walk” or “Shameless walk”. It all started when constable Michael Sanguinetti outraged students of York University with his remark, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised”. The idea of this walk was to dress up, as they say, “inappropriately”  and to march out on the streets to support this cause with as much media coverage as possible.

Unfortunately again, the anticipated number of women did not participate, which somehow still is not surprising.

“It is very typical of women to not show up, fearing trouble. I asked a few friends to join me but they refused saying that it would create a lot of hassles for them. One of my friend’s husband refused to let his wife attend. Women are not used to coming out in the open in this country and fight against what is wrong,” said Hemal Sringla, another participant.

My concern here is also that was this at all able to communicate the message to the target mass? It is good to see the effort, and I would completely like to support it on my blog as well with whatever I can, but I doubt if it is so easy to explain things to such people. In fact I hate to say the disgraceful and narrow minded elements would still be finding this funny or maybe even arousing.

One good thing was to see male participants walking for their wives, sisters and daughter’s future.

I appreciate the people who understand, and bow to the people who actually took an initiative.